Bees are…

Bees are...

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Bees are

acrobats, beautiful, cool, diligent, essential, fun, guards, hairy, incredible, jovial, knowledgeable, local, matriarchal, nurses, organizers, performers, queens, resourceful, smellers, travelers, unbelievable, vigorous, waxers, xenogamy initiators, yellowish and zesty.


The start of my beekeeping

First top-bar hive
Read, Read, Read, Read

My beekeeping experience started in the spring of 2009; when I stumbled upon Phil Chandler’s website  Then I discovered and ordered their dvd on top bar beekeeping.  After watching the dvd and reading more material I decided that building a top bar beehive would be within my carpentry ability.  Following the plans from Phil Chandler’s website I started my first top bar beehive.