The T-Slant beehive

This is my new beehive design.  It is a variation of the top-bar beehive; I call it the T Slant hive.  The concept is that the bees start at the top of the hive and work their way down.

The T Slant beehive

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7 Responses to The T-Slant beehive

  1. Josh says:

    Looks good. Did you get any in there yet?

  2. Shannon Wyatt says:

    Any updates on these hives? I got to wondering, do they start at the top or down on the bottom?

  3. Tim Auld says:

    What problem are you trying to solve? And why start at the top?

    • Doug Hales says:

      I enjoy working with the top bar hives. In my studying it seems the bees like to start at the top of hives and work down. This is the theory of the Warre hives. With this in mind I built my top bar hive on a slant to allow the bees to work down the hive, but still allow access to each top bar with lifting boxes off. So far it seems to be working.

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