The T-Slant beehive

This is my new beehive design.  It is a variation of the top-bar beehive; I call it the T Slant hive.  The concept is that the bees start at the top of the hive and work their way down.

The T Slant beehive


Swarm, the second time

I watched this swarm leave the hive during lunch.  It was amazing to watch.  They left the hive and flew to the neighbors tree and settled in.  It took me an hour to gather them up and place them in an old cooler (the only thing I had on hand to keep them).  I am building a new top-bar slant hive for them.  This is the second swarm in a week.

Bee Swarm

First Package of Bees

First Package of Bees

On Saturday, April 18,2009 I picked up my first package of bees.  I purchased them from Jones Bee Company in Salt Lake City, UT. Our five hour trip back to Teton Valley, Idaho was uneventful after the kids settled down and accepted the fact that the 10,000 bees in the car were not going to get loose. The plan was to arrive home by mid afternoon, but we did not arrive until 7 pm.

Package of bees

This is my first package of bees, waiting for their new beehive.

Top Bar HiveTop Bar Hive

This is my first top bar hive built in April 2009.